“Booking Master” Documentation by “troll_winner” v2.2.0

“Booking Master”

Table of Contents

  1. About
  2. Settings
  3. Emails
  4. Calendar
  5. Templates Customizations

A) About - top

Booking Master plugin allows customers to book to your work appointments using a calendar.

You can define available appointments of your masters to let customers select and book them.

This is possible to administer business records and notes in the calendar.

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B) Settings - top

If you active theme is based on "Bootstrap 3" framework, then the calendar will styled the same as your active theme.
Otherwise, check Include full styles file option to make the calendar looks correct.

If for some reasons you need to disable some of plugin's scripts, change Scripts including type setting to "Multiple files" and de-select them in the list lower.

To create the basic emails templates on your site click Generate basic emails button once.

Settings admin page

C) Emails - top

You can create an unlimited number of email templates for use in the plugin. To boost this process for the first time generate basic templates using a special control on the plugin settings page.

Templates can have special elements in their fields which will be dynamically replaced on send event. Here is the list of them:

Email template admin page

D) Calendar - top

Basic options group

Each calendar has few short-codes for using:

  • Calendar slots showing. It can be used by providers or admins for slots management and customers for booking in these slots;
    Possible extra attributes:
    • mode="own" - use it for the calendar showing on the user's account page. There are will be only user's slots showed;
    • period="week" - show only one week with time ranges within.
  • Slots list is the same as the calendar with common slots but have another view;
    Possible extra attributes:
    • mode="own" - use it for the slots showing on the user's account page. There are will be only user's slots showed;
    • count="20" - overwrite slots per page value.
  • Visitors list of all calendar bookings with filters by a registered user. Publish it on a manager's page to see the user's bookings.

The calendar requires at least one provider selected. You can choose them from a registered users list.

Calendar basic settings

Behavior options group

Booked slot behavior can be changed. They might be hidden in the calendar or stay visible but without the "book" button.

Booking threshold in minutes setting prevent slot booking then it's too less time before it begins.

Set Default slot duration setting to save time while adding slots. Then you'll define the start slot time the end time will be settled automatically.

Define the Max bookings in a time period might be instantly for a registered user. Use Max bookings time period in hours to define required period.

Max active bookings can limit new bookings of the registered user while he has uncompleted ones.

The plugin might try to register guest bookings in the DB with Create accounts for unregistered bookings setting.

User must be logged in to book setting oblige users to log in to make a booking.

Allow ratings of completed bookings setting will output the "Rate" button of the past bookings.

Calendar behavior settings

View options group

Tick Replace icons with users avatars to replace creator/provider/visitor icons by avatars.

Choose one of pre-defined Layouts of calendar to change its view.

You can Show providers ratings in providers lists which supports it.

Show all providers button outputs "All" providers list item to show slots of all providers at once.

If you have a lot of the providers limit their number to show with the option.

Define Visitors to show limit for lists. The extra number of visitors will be loaded via AJAX.

Calendar view settings

Message options group

In the Messages settings group you can find some of the alterable message strings which will be used while the calendar's workflow.

Templates can have special elements in their fields which will be dynamically replaced on send event. Here is the list of them:

  • [id] - Slot ID;
  • [calendar_id] - Calendar ID;
  • [year] - Slot year;
  • [month] - Slot month number;
  • [day] - Slot day number;
  • [date] - Slot date;
  • [date_full] - Slot date with time;
  • [time] - Slot time;
  • [time_from] - "Time from" of the slot;
  • [time_to] - "Time to" of the slot;
  • [visitor_login] - Slot visitor login if have;
  • [visitor_name] - Slot visitor name if have;
  • [visitor_phone] - Slot visitor phone if have;
  • [visitor_email] - Slot visitor email if have;
  • [provider_login] - Slot provider login;
  • [provider_name] - Slot provider name;
  • [provider_email] - Slot provider email;
  • [creator_login] - Slot creator login;
  • [creator_name] - Slot creator name;
  • [creator_email] - Slot creator email;
  • [description] - Slot description;
  • [comment] - Slot booking comment;
  • [rating] - Slot rating if have;
  • [status] - Slot status;
  • [service] - Slot service;
  • [service_price] - Slot service price;
  • [comment_author] - Last comment author name;
  • [comment_content] - Last comment content.
Calendar messages settings

Email options group

In the Emails settings group you can select email templates for most of plugin workflow events. This is possible to choose several email templates per one event. If you leave the setting blank then the email will not be sent.

Calendar email settings

E) Templates Customization - top

If you want to customize some views of the plugin and don't lose these changes while updating the plugin create "booking-master" folder in your active theme directory and copy into it files from the plugin's "views" directory saving the sub-directory hierarchy.

The plugin trying to get a view from the theme at first, and if it doesn't find this view, it gets the view from itself directory.


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